Baking Substitutes

Baking powder
Sift together 2 parts cream of tartar + 1 part bicarb: sift mixture x 2

self-raising flour
Self-raising flour
Sift together 1 cup flour + 10ml baking powder, sift x 2

15g fresh yeast = 7g instant dry yeast

Egg white powder (Actiwhite)

  • 250g egg white powder + 2000ml luke warm water
  • Mix powder with half of the liquid until smooth
  • Add remaining water
  • Use 2 tabs (30ml) of mixture = 1 egg white
  • Ratio 1:8

Egg replacement
Replace 1 egg with 60ml apple juice OR 75ml apple puree OR 1 medium mashed banana.

Replace alcohol with pineapple juice in syrups to brush over cakes or use butter toffee essence to mix with the metallic powders to paint into icing.

corn syrup

Corn syrup = liquid glucose

Baking soda = bicarbonate of soda (bicarb)

Confectioners sugar = icing sugar or powdered sugar